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in this exclusive training you will discover exactly

​⊹ How to find products that align with your passions and generate a profitable income online.

How to master social media marketing to make sales 24/7 through effective content strategy


How to create an automated sales and training system that produces leveraged income, giving you true flexibility to live life on your own terms.


⊹ someone who others often look to for recommendations or advice?

⊹ enjoy showing up on social media authentically?

⊹ enjoy content creation?

⊹ don't like feeling locked in a box?

⊹ want to find passion and purpose in how you earn an income? 

⊹ living life on your own terms?


Heya, I'm Naya

I generated SIX FIGURES online using the same tools you'll find in this free training. I have always wanted to make money online and be an influencer but could never find a way to make decent money.One year after starting my business, my husband was able to quit his 40+ hour crappy customer service job and is now pursuing his dream job of tattooing and creating a passion-focused income as well!


I have coached and lead 200+ visionaries looking to create more financial peace through automation and authentic presence online.

you can read more of my story here

I'm offering you the same opportunity and trainings as i used. What are you waiting for?

what other students are saying

"our dream was to quit the 9-5, and we finally could do it."

Discovering this platform and meeting these mentors was the best thing that happened to us.  We always wanted to build a career online, be financially free, travel the world and have this free lifestyle and this platform helped us to BREAK FREE. 


Our dream was to quit the 9-5 slavery, and we could finally do it. With everything we learned on this platform and from the community we could simply never see our old jobs the same way, it just didn’t make sense anymore. 


You just know that you can do so much more with that knowledge, and online opportunities are limitless! ABSOLUTE GAME CHANGER!

Iz and Rokas


"This is the REAL DEAL! My business success is  based on ME."

Being a single dad and over 40 I spent countless hours searching online for ways to make extra income. I was very skeptical of what was out there. Is it possible to change careers at this age and start my own business? And what are the risks? In my case the scales tip in favor of the [Online Empires] by a long shot.


Here is a platform that collectively has all the tools you need from the best in the business. From making a substantial income to literally building your own empire, if you want to take it that far.


I have not been paid to endorse this or brainwashed in any way. The fact is [Online Empires] is working for me. I can work from home and do the things I love. I can spend more time with my daughter and I can buy nice things. To me this is happiness. This is living!

John Duke


"The Training Is Literally The Best Of The Best In The Digital Marketing Space"

I’ve been apart of several different platforms that offer online courses but none of them even come close to comparing to what [Online Empires] has created. 


The training is literally the best of the best in the digital marketing space. 


If you are serious about building a long term high profiting online business, everything you need to be successful is right here inside [OE].

Andrea Chalmers

"We have been with [OE] for just over 4 months and has changed our lives completely."

Marketing products online seemed like a far off world that we couldn't achieve based on faulty beliefs we had built up over the years, basically thought it was just a another scam because thats the main thing you hear day in day out about the internet.


It's been a massive transformation for us is around mindset and lack of knowledge, personally we have had most of our focus on learning to love ourselves so we can bring value to others. I have always known i have the ability to learn anything just need the right motivation. This platform has given us the ability to create our vision and goals and we can see a way to achieve them. 


If you are thinking about starting online then there is no better oppoutunity then BYEU!! Everything you could need we have found through this training!

Mark & Natalie Baldock 

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