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Treating Impetigo With Only ✨W A T E R ✨

The Story:

Being a mother unlocks a whole different level of emotion. When we see our children in pain we want to do EVERYTHING possible to make it better. And being a crunchy mama, it takes severe situations to consider over-the-counter products and treatments.

When tova developed a diaper rash last summer, I didn’t think anything of it. We just applied our natural ointment thinking it would go away.

But it got worse. And worse. And worse and worse. Sores were developing and she was miserable.

I became a bit frantic, trying any and every product and wivestail and nothing NOTHING worked. My nurse friend diagnosed it as impetigo and said the only way to treat it was with an antibiotic.

With a dreading heart, I was planning on taking her to urgent care the next day, (wanting to avoid antibiotics for my sweet little baby’s lil gut.

But then I remembered my water ionizer!

I applied 2.5 Strong acidic water and 6.0 Beauty water from the machine to the effected area before bed and the next morning it was SIGNIFICANTLY IMPROVED! (See the photo). I continued treating during every diaper change for the following days, and it had healed in 3 days!!! Just some pink scars that eventually faded 🤌🏼✨

TWO WEEKS of trying creams, ointments, and butters.. and it getting worse to simply using of ionized water and in 12 hours.… IMPROVEMENT.

The Water

With one investment, I have unlimited supply of high grade detox drinking water for my entire family for over two decades. As well as many other uses,


  • hand sanitizer

  • countertop spray

  • wound care

  • all-purpose cleaner

  • laundry detergent

  • deodorant

  • facial toner

  • conditioner

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