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10 Sustainable Clothing Brand You HAVE To Know About


The fashion industry is responsible for a large proportion of carbon emissions, water usage and textile waste. Fast fashion in particular has the greatest impact on the environment on social sustainability, garments created in this industry are usually poorly made with unsuitable materials.

In no particular order, Here are 10 sustainable brands that I love and know that are a worthy investment.


Best For | Adult and Child statement pieces

Price Range | $-$$

Wow wow wow. This brand is one of the good ones.. from the origin story, the brand mission, the unique-ness of the adornments and the community it's nurturing, you need some Kantha Bae in your life.

I highly recommending their website to read about their story and beginning. It's so beautiful!

I've been wearing KB for a couple years now, and recently have partnered with them to provide you lovely people a discount code.


Best For | Women dresses

Price Range | $$

My hopeless romantic loves the feminine essence of these dresses.

Not only are you getting a whimsical addition to your closet, but your'e supporting a company that has strong ethics and beautiful mission.

Each dress is handmade with intention, including the pattern.

Dress them up and down with the right shoes and accessories for any occasion, or layer them with bell bottoms and trench coats for a winter with a boho spin.


Best For | Women dresses and basics

Price Range | $-$$

Some of my favorite clothing items come from Etsy! And Inkafree is a fav shop. Their sustainable slow fashion and natural fibers are reasonably priced and durable!

Whether you're a fan of neutrals or splashes of vibrant color, you can find a magical piece in this shop.


Best For | Women Swimwear

Price Range | $$

Salomé is ethically produced by women in Dominican Republic.

Their mission is to create swimwear that fits women beautifully, celebrates our bodies, and empowers us to feel our very best while being responsible about the environment.

They are making active steps to create a sustainable brand, and leaving a small footprint on the planet.


Best For | Women Swimwear

Price Range | $$

Kaylyn creates such beautiful, made for you, knitwear. These pieces are crafted by hand and with lots of intention, made with natural fibers and plant dyed.

We love to see an ethical brand with such pure intention creating an impact!

Summer is around the corner, order yours today and use the code SWIM10 for 10% off of your order!


Best For | Adult basics and activewear

Price Range | $

My favorite thing about this brand is their active ware! It's so hard to find cute, plastic free clothes to workout in and their active apparel does not disappoint.

95% organic cotton and 5% spandex, plant and coffee dyed, this is an amazing option for non-toxic sustainable

active ware.

they also have other loads of other cute clothes that don't disappoint.


Best For | Adult Basics

Price Range | $$

This business has such a heart for pure connection. An excerpt from their about page: "Our vision is to give back (to community, culture & environment) more than we take away. We recognise the weight of this vision and our limitations in our current world systems and yet, in the words of Einstein: 'once we accept our limits, we go beyond them'"

The quality of garment and the knowing your investing into something bigger is worth every cent. Your articles will last long into the future and carry your stories past cheap fast fashion garments


Best For | Adult essentials made in the USA

Price Range | $$

From tees and tanks to shorts and sweatshirts, Mate the Label only uses natural and nontoxic materials when crafting its apparel, like low-impact dyes, 100 percent certified organic cotton, and Tencel (which is derived from sustainably sourced wood).

This company also cut, sews, packages their garments only 10 miles from their headquarters, so their carbon footprint is also significantly low!


Best For | Women's loungewear, underwear

Price Range | $$

Silky soft intimates that are plant dyed and created with intention.. nothing sweeter.

These articles are made to adorn women of all shapes and sizes with quality intimates. At Hara, the mission is to empower women globally while protecting the earth. With ethical sourcing and and conscious production, this company is well worth the investment and support.


Best For | Women Underwear, casual wear, loungewear,

Price Range | $$$

Though these articles are a larger investment, they are crafted intentionally and naturally. Each garment is one-of-a-kind, small batch, cut, sewn, hand dyed, Using only organic natural fibers, plant dyes, sweet incantations, and care

Check out their dresses and tops, truly unique and beautiful!


I know that if you're coming right off of the fast fashion game, investing the extra dollar into clothing can seem unappealing. But I promise you this, the quality of the garment and the longevity will pass the monetary value in intrinsic value.

Start slow, one investment at a time, and watch as your closet transforms to a unique and high vibe contribution to yourself.

Find my tips for creating a non-toxic closet that doesn't break your bank here!

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